Invertebrate Sound and Vibration

13th International Meeting

University of Missouri, Columbia      June 4-7, 2011


More than 100 participants including more than 30 students, 5 main talks, 54 contributed talks, 34 posters, live music in cooperation with singing insects, and periodical cicadas (brood XIX) made ISV 2011 a  memorable  experience for everyone. Thanks to all participants for contributing to the success of this excellent meeting!

The logo of the meeting was taken from the 1992 ISV meeting in Pommersfelden, which was organized by Dagmar and Otto von Helversen. Otto von Helversen passed away unexpectedly in March 2009 only months after his retirement; Dagmar passed away in 2003. The first ‘“Dagmar and Otto von Helversen Lecture” was given by B. Ronacher during ISV 2011.

More photos at the meeting are available as slideshow or album

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We had a great meeting!

See you all at ISV 2013 in Glasgow

The meeting was supported by Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center and the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri. We thank their staff for the great support and their patience for the organization of this meeting. Special thanks to Jeff Reeves (LSC) and Jennifer Hartwick (MU Conference Office) for all their work while preparing and running this meeting: you guys rock!

This meeting would not have been possible without the tireless help and contributions of the following students in the ‘Invertebrate Sound and Vibration’ labs at MU: K.H. Frederick-Hudson, J. Gibson, J. Hamel,  R. Hartmann, P. Marting   M. Murphy & N. Thompson!

Thanks to everyone helping make ISV 2011 a success

Proceedings with abstracts and schedule are available for download (35 MB).